Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New furniture getting ready for a paint job

What a find! Yesterday, I'm sitting home in my PJ's (in the middle of the afternoon), and here comes my husband up the stairs with this fabulous desk he just happened to find. Today it already has a beautiful new white paint job courtesy of Hubby again...What would I do without him. Tomorrow I will try to take it to the shop (with his help, he doesn't know this yet) so it will be there when I reopen January 2nd for my big sale. I'll post a pic as soon as the paint dries. I really love it! It might be hard for me to give it up, but I will.
Wouldn't this be charming in a little girls room as a vanity. I can picture it with a beautiful mirror above it and on top lavish perfumes sitting on a pretty tray and a dainty vintage Kleenex box by it's side. That gives me an idea of how I will set it up in the shop. I can put my new shipment of Pink Sugar on the tray and a bucket of vintage hairbrushes and hand mirrors on there too. Ooh! I'm excited to get it started. I'll let you check it out with new pics soon. Kelli

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