Tuesday, January 26, 2010

First let me tell you about this fabulous women. This is my husbands grandmother, Mom-Mom, on her 95th birthday last year. Do you love her princess crown. The sweetest most caring, giving person I have ever met, just a love. But I am sad to say that on January 8th just 7 days after her 96th birthday she passed away. We all miss her so much, she was truly a grandmother to me, not just because I married her grandson but because she stole my heart with her grace and beauty. My son loves to tell the story about way back when, Mom-Mom was the school lunch lady and she would sit down in her kitchen on the weekend and plan the next weeks lunch menu, and then it was all hand made, "Not this junk they try to serve us now". Anyway I just thought that everyone should have had a chance to meet this wonderful women, so here is my way of making that happen.
So lets move on to a happier note. I am so excited to get a chance to finally have a second to update my blog. I have been so busy with the shop and family that I hardly have a chance to think, much less write my thoughts down. Let me tell you about this fabulous desk, I bought it for a customer and I thought it was just the right piece for her daughters room, but I don't think the original picture did it justice. She said no, not exactly what she wanted. So I sent her the pic of the painted, new improved version and WOW! She and of course her daughter fell in love with it. I delivered it yesterday while her daughter was at school, and I'm waiting to hear what she had to say when she got home...now I just need to find the perfect chair.

Now the search goes on for some other rooms in her house an old ceiling tile, some knick-knacks, and a vintage rug, yikes...that's a big task. But that's the part I love ! That one-of-a-kind find. So today I am off with my list of things I need and maybe I'll get lucky and find some other vintage trinkets that i just can't live without. I'll keep toy posted as to what I find and maybe even post a few pics. see you next time. Junk Girl

Monday, January 11, 2010

Well, here it is finally finished and in the shop. It turned out great. What a difference a coat of paint can make. I just love it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New furniture getting ready for a paint job

What a find! Yesterday, I'm sitting home in my PJ's (in the middle of the afternoon), and here comes my husband up the stairs with this fabulous desk he just happened to find. Today it already has a beautiful new white paint job courtesy of Hubby again...What would I do without him. Tomorrow I will try to take it to the shop (with his help, he doesn't know this yet) so it will be there when I reopen January 2nd for my big sale. I'll post a pic as soon as the paint dries. I really love it! It might be hard for me to give it up, but I will.
Wouldn't this be charming in a little girls room as a vanity. I can picture it with a beautiful mirror above it and on top lavish perfumes sitting on a pretty tray and a dainty vintage Kleenex box by it's side. That gives me an idea of how I will set it up in the shop. I can put my new shipment of Pink Sugar on the tray and a bucket of vintage hairbrushes and hand mirrors on there too. Ooh! I'm excited to get it started. I'll let you check it out with new pics soon. Kelli

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Well, if you live in Maryland, I'm sure it's quite obvious that the shop is closed today! What a bummer! It just couldn't have waited 'til maybe Monday. It's only the busiest shopping weekend of the year. It's all good, still great stuff left so you all will have to just cram your last bit of shopping into a few less days.

Be sure to stop in and smell the greatest candles ever. They are by K.Hall and are made from soy and beeswax they burn for 100 hours with NO soot. They are seriously flying off the shelf. I started with 36 two weeks ago and I think I am sold out of 2 fragrances and only have 9 left. They really are fabulous. They make a great gift, but be sure to grab one for yourself too.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Midnight Madness

Santas little helpers all dressed in pink and all trying hard to be voted employee of the year!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Just a quick message before I head over to the shop. It always seems like I am getting ready for something over there. Spent 10 hours yesterday rearranging and tiding up for this weekends Midnight madness. I am so excited. I will try to post a few pictures tonight if I get a chance. I am really proud of the window display I created along with my friend Garland who just happened across the street as I was setting it up. It's so beautiful, it looks like a winter wonderland. It's amazing how a can of spray paint can transform an ugly green tree into a beautiful snow covered work of art. It's definitely "beginning to looking a lot like Christmas".

Friday, November 20, 2009

What a crazy week. Many long hours , but worth it all with a very successful Holiday Open House. Friday night Happy Hour was so much fun, that I decided to do it again this Friday night. My friends Jill, Iris and Sueellen came out, but the best surprise (as you can see in this picture)was finding out even baby boys can be fans of The Vintage Shoppes. I have recently started to do decorating services and am really excited to start working next week for a young girl named Sophie. I have already started to put some things together and can't wait to head over to her house to see her bedroom and decide upon our palette. I'll post some pictures as the design comes along. Next I will be gearing up for a Holiday Shop that my friend Dawn is having at her house this weekend. Then Black Friday at the Shop and next Midnight Madness in Ellicott City. That is a fun night. Last year it was 23 degrees outside and the shoppers didn't care. Everyone had a great time. I'm hoping for warmer weather this year because I am considering check out outside under a tent. Yikes...What if it snows??!! That's my thoughts for now. Fill you in soon. Kelli